For a full scope of where we offer coverage, check out Orchid’s Footprint. There you can find details on the carriers we work with, as well as your Regional Manager’s contact information.


1. Why do you have 3 quoting portals and which one am I using?

Orchid Connect will eventually be the only portal. We are undergoing extensive testing to make sure it is a great product for all our agents. The following breakdown will help you determine which system(s) you’re currently using:

  • Connect – Any commercial quotes, plus personal lines quotes for TX, MS, and AL (new business and renewals)
  • Policy Plus – For all Personal Lines in any state where Orchid writes policies (excluding AL, MS, and TX). Policy Plus requires a submission that results in a quote from an underwriter typically within 24 business hours. Policy Plus is also used for any USLI quotes, NFIP Flood, and to access the HNW application.
  • Coastal Agents Alliance Rater – Coastal Agents Alliance is now a part of Orchid, but they remain on their own instant-rater platform for all coastal homeowners properties in the Northeast (CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VA)


1. How do I make a payment?

Agencies can make payments with a check or through an ACH or EFT. We also accept v-checks and credit cards through our website. Click here for payment options.

2. Can I make monthly payments?

Orchid does not accept monthly payments. However, we can get a quote for you from a third-party finance company if needed. Please contact accounting at accounting@orchidinsurance.com to get a quote.

3. How do I get a refund for a cancelled policy?

To request a refund for a policy bound through Orchid’s Policy Plus system, please send a request to accounting@orchidinsurance.com. Include the name of the insured and the policy number.

Agency Maintenance

1. How can I get my agency appointed with Orchid?

Click here to fill out our Appointment form. Our Business Development team will respond to every inquiry in a timely manner.

2. How do I add a user?

You will need to e-mail us and provide the name, phone number, e-mail address, and agency code of the user you would like to add. For Connect and/or Policy Plus users, e-mail to AgencyServices@OrchidInsurance.com. For Coastal Agents Alliance users, e-mail to ssati@orchidinsurance.com. Not sure what platform you are on? Send the information to AgencyServices@OrchidInsurance.com


1. Where is my policy?

Most of our policies that are requested through Orchid’s Policy Plus system are bound within 36 hours. Depending on the carrier or some other scenarios, policies can take a week to be returned. You can email binders@orchidinsurance.com to see if there is anything specific holding up your policy.

2. How do I make an endorsement?

E-mail processing at processing@orchidinsurance.com. Include the insured name, policy number, effective date of the change requested and the changes you’d like made.


1. How do I report a claim?

All claims are reported directly to the carrier. This may be done by either the agent or the insured. For additional information on how to contact the carrier to file a claim, please click here to go to our claims page. You will then report the claim to the carrier directly either by e-mail or phone. It is the insured’s responsibility to secure their property until the adjuster can get there.

2. When will the adjuster reach out to me?

After you file the claim, the adjuster will reach out within 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the insured to take the necessary steps that are needed to negate any further damages and secure the property until an adjuster can be on site.

Coastal Agents Alliance

1. What is the relationship between Orchid and CAA?
Coastal Agents Alliance was acquired by Orchid. We have a dedicated FAQ page related to CAA.