Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities provide an option for individuals who don’t need access to certain items on an everyday basis but still want to keep those items protected. Orchid has a program specifically designed to cover the insurance interests of the owners of these self-storage facilities while storing others' belongings. In addition to insuring the self-storage buildings and the insured’s business income, our program offers sub-limits to cover the customers' goods as well as defending the insured against acts or omissions arising from the "lock-out" or sale, removal or disposition of customers' property.


Product Highlights

  • Business Owners Policy and Monoline Property policy types available
  • Up to $10 million per building, $15 million per location, and $25 million per policy in coverage
  • Up to $1 million / $2 million in General Liability Limits
  • Includes the Orchid Premier Endorsement to enhance certain coverages such as Spoilage, Ordinance or Law, Outdoor Property, Employee Dishonesty, Water Backup, Outdoor Sign, Debris Removal, etc.
  • Year of construction- 1950 and newer; 1900 in the Northeast, Charleston, & New Orleans

Unique Features

  • Include Wind coverage without any restriction on distance to coast
  • BOP policies offered with TIV limits up to $10 million per building
  • Online submission process to increase quick turn-around times

Optional/ Additional Coverages

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Outdoor Property
  • Water Backup
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Wind Driven Rain
  • Hired and Non Owned Auto
  • Assault & Battery*

*Unavailable for Monoline Property policies

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