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January 2021

*Return to Office and Hybrid Work Model
*Enterprise Project Management Office
*New Digital Partnerships
*Q1 Core Value Award
*Next Issue June 2021

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December 2020

*Kathy Cody welcomes new CIO and provides an outline of IT’s transformational roadmap.
*Kathy Cody also gives us an update on the enterprise data warehouse.
*Amika Myers gives us a rundown on the new Enterprise Project Management Office.
*Ross Bowie closes the years with a recap of the PL business.
*Kathy Cody gives us a Return to the Office update.

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October 2020

* Kathy Cody provides an update on the Data Warehouse and when we can expect returning to the office.
* Michael Garamoni recaps some significant improvements that have taken place this year.
* Bryan Schofield introduces a new product.
* Tim deRosa makes an announcement about our Peabody office and provides an update on the post-AIG strategy.

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August 2020

* Brad Emmons provides an update on TRUE and other diversification initiatives.
* Michael Garamoni speaks to our record financial performance and introduces new team members .
* Jehane Myers highlights for Human Resources the ‘must-know’ about open enrollment.
* Junie Lopez announces another big win for the marketing team.

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July 2020

*Kathy Cody explains two steps forward; three steps back!
*Bill Ludwick focuses on the development of TRUE in Connect
*Tim deRosa discusses how high-net-worth markets continue to change quickly
Much more!

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June 2020

*Brad Emmons explains how tough times are always short lived.
*Kathy Cody has the latest on what returning to normal will look like.
*Bryan Schofield praises his team for braking production records.
Much more!

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