Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (often called D&O) will cover your client against being sued for a vast number or reasons, regardless of actual or alleged. Examples include, but are not limited to, fraud, misuse of company funds, and breach of contract and/or fiduciary duty. Our D&O coverage is comprehensive and specifically geared towards Associations, as they are especially at risk for D&O claims with board members and officers.


Eligible Classes

  • Single Family Homeowner’s Association
  • Residential Condominium Association
  • Townhome Association
  • Mobile Home/RV Community

Product Features

  • Available in all 50 Orchid states
  • 24-Hour turnaround for new business quotes
  • Automatic Renewals provided on over 95% of policies

D&O Liability Policy Coverage

Up to $5 million limit
Claims-Made form
Full Prior Acts Coverage, subject to policy terms and conditions
Cyber Liability limits available
Wage & Hour Defense of $100,000 is provided at no charge
Homeowner’s Associations will receive First Dollar Defense and Unlimited Defense Costs outside the limits at no charge
Softened Hammer Clause and mediation credits included in the policy

Crime Policy Coverage Highlights

Up to $5 million limit
Crime policies are written on discovery form
Multiple crime coverages tailored to community association needs including Employee Theft, Forgery or Alteration, Theft, Disappearance or Destruction, and Computer Fraud or Wire Transfer Communication Fraud
$50,000 in Social Engineering Fraud Coverage is being included at no charge. This endorsement protects associations who are misled through a communication to transfer funds from its own account as a result of fraud by a person who pretends to be a vendor, employee, property manager or employee

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